About KviZD

The Zadar Quiz Association, better known as KviZD, is one of the largest Croatian and Southeast European associations dedicated to quizzes. The association organizes the largest quiz competition in Southeast Europe - the Mirko Miočić Memorial, individual quizzes - KviZDarije, and the pub quiz league - Zadar pub quiz.

After several seasons of pub quizzes in Zadar, during the spring of 2017, an idea was born to organize a multi-day quiz competition in which the best quizzers from Croatia and neighboring countries would go head to head. The Association was formed in the summer of the same year, due to the need for the more systematic organization of such a live event. On July 31, 2017, KviZD was entered in the Register of Associations of the Republic of Croatia. The Association has about 30 members who more or less actively participate in its work. The name of the Association is a portmanteau of the word quiz and the official abbreviation of the city of Zadar. After several seasons of hard work, KviZD has established itself as one of the most important quiz forces and, in addition to the already mentioned activities, has established cooperation with various quiz associations and communities, including the organisation of humanitarian quizzes.

CONTACT: udruga@kvizd.hr

PRESIDENT: Lovro Jurišić


SECRETARY: Roko Sven Surać

ADDRESS: Mila Cipre 6, 23000 Zadar, Croatia

RNO: 0397445

ACCOUNT: HR3924070001100001370